About the Grille:

The grille is designed to fit Jim Thomas' FFR roadster kit #3173. It is CNC machined
from 1/8" aluminum stock. We polish both sides and remove all burrs in the process.
There are 5 perimeter mounting points that attach to the fiberglass with aluminum angle
brackets (included).

Dead Pedal:

The dead pedal is also designed to fit the FFR, but will work with any car equipped with
an 1.5" diameter roll cage. The purpose of this product is to give your left (clutch) foot a place
to rest during driving. It is CNC machined from Nylon 6\6 and is approx. 2" X 2" X 1" thick.
Machined with a diamond pattern to aid in foot traction. Included are (2) stainless steel 10-32
screws for mounting.

About us:

Jim and Jamie Thomas own and operate Thomas Tool & Mold Company. We are a
manufacturer of high quality plastic injection molds and various other products.
Located in Westerville Ohio for our 17 years in business, we pride ourselves on
quality and dedication to our customers, products and employees.

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